A robot that learns to paint

the union of man and artificial intelligence in painting
AI_NORN uses technology to create works of art in classics - canvas, paints, brushes.
We are confident that in the future, when modern culture becomes even more 2 ... 7D-cloud-based, the paintings will not lose their value. We decided to reflect this very subtle intangible culture in a reliable, real, and human-friendly form.
The code “ponders” the concept of a human artist, compares it with a library of knowledge, and two robotic hands transfer the result to paper or canvas. A home-made robotic platform-table allows us to increase the standard work area for a small robot and create pictures up to 100x50 cm in size.
We are two data science artists from Moscow, Russia. We started this project in 2019 in our apartment as a hobby and it has become our passion.
AI_NORN robot artist acrylic painting. Cat portrait
AI_NORN robot artist acrylic painting. Peaches
Neural networks are no smarter than humans, but they can play games that combine creative and analytical abilities, better than champions, because they can accumulate the skills of many masters. By the same principle, we teach neural networks to paint pictures.
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