A Robot That Learns To Paint

the Union of Human and Artificial Intelligence in Painting
AI_NORN style of painting was designed as something distant from photographic repeating. We name it neuroimpressionism. The idea of neuroimpressionism is to underline the main thing of a picture through artificial intelligence perception, not a human perception - mood, energy, and reflect them on canvas with brushstroke form and colors.
Our program helps a human artist to express the idea in colors by transforming it into robot movements. The program gets an image as an input (it can be a photograph or any other digital image), analyzes colors and shapes, puts them into strokes, mixes paints on its own and applies them to the canvas in different techniques with a robotic arm
We use uArm Swift Pro robotic arm with a homemade Arduino-based platform for large canvases. But our program is designed for easy compatibility with robotic arms from different companies. Contact us norn.post@gmail.com if you are interested in using our software with your robotic arm.
We are two data science artists from Moscow, Russia. The idea of creating a robot which would make art in alliance with human was born in 2019. Since then we have been developing this project. We are open to any cooperation. If you have something on your mind - contact us norn.post@gmail.com
AI_NORN First Exhibition World Art Dubai
April 6-10 our small team visited the biggest Internation Exhibition in Dubai - World Art Dubai. We held a live show - our robot artist painted portraits of exhibition visitors. This exhibition gave us incredible experience, hundreds of interests, wonderings, questions, as well as important strategic acquaintances for the development of our project.
They speak about us...
Interview with AI_NORN team – Anna Mischenko and Nikolay Gavrilin

Today, we introduce a new robot that can learn to paint like a human artist. Meet AI_NORN that uses traditional tools such as paints, canvases, and brushes, just like the rest of us, to create his works of art. This most sophisticated creative robot was invented by two data scientists – Anna Mishchenko and Nikolay Gavrilin, from Moscow and Altai, Russia.

В России появился проект AI_NORN, где нейросети обдумывают предложенный человеком микс изображений, а робот затем завораживающе пишет красками на холсте картины своей железной рукой. Создатели проекта скромно не выделяют свои имена и лица из проекта и не любят говорить о том, что у нас подобного пока не делает никто.
AI_NORN robot artist acrylic painting. Cat portrait
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